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Kalakriti Art Exhibition

For the past four years, all the DOR members have been coming together and having fun learning and creating art. This allowed everyone to participate in creating something of their own while giving it a touch of their own personality and expression. The process started with a discussion about holding an art exhibition with the DOR members, in the community meeting. As the members had never been to an art gallery before, they decided to visit different Art Galleries where art exhibitions were taking place at that point of time. The members attended the art exhibitions being held at the Hauz Khas village, India Habitat center, and the Saket Square One Mall. Before going to the exhibitions, there were discussions on what specific aspect of the art exhibitions was needed to be observed -like the display of the art items, ambience of the exhibitions, the lighting etc. The members came back very excited and shared their observations enthusiastically. Their observations about lightings and display were taken into account while constructing the art gallery in AADI. The funding for constructing the art gallery and for the exhibition came from the State Bank of India. After the visit to the art gallery, members met and decided to name this art exhibition KALAKRITI. They then divided themselves in various committees so that the work could start.


Members were also involved in the purchase of focus lights and Art items for the art exhibition. This event also had involvement of some of the members from other processes such as the Careplan process at AADI and the Rural Community Based Habilitation and Rehabilitation (RCBHR). They were part of the Display, Inventory and certificates committee with some members giving their paintings for display as well. The group ensured that they were introduced to the team, which was helpful in the overall participation.

The different committees formed were: Information and invitation, Venue, Display, Inventory, Certificates, Welcome, Food and Brochure. Members worked in their own committees to make the exhibition a success. Some people went to shop for materials like bulbs and other electrical items, some went to buy art items, some were involved in getting the certificate designed and some were busy planning for the snacks to be kept in the evening. Members of AADI and Saarthak also participated in the Art Exhibition by contributing their paintings, photographs and pottery items. The display of the paintings took 3 days! The display on each wall well thought out. Each wall had a theme according to which the paintings were displayed.

On the day of the Art Exhibition ‘Kalakriti’ the AADI central courtyard was full of people, who were all eager to see the exhibition. There was lots of hustle and bustle and excitement in the air. The Chief Guest for the evening was Ms. Arpana Caur, a renowned Contemporary artist, who is the founder member of Academy of Fine Arts and Literature. She arrived and inaugurated the exhibition. Arpanaji really appreciated the efforts of all the people involved and invited everyone to her own art gallery. After the gallery was inaugurated, the members along with their family members and other friends went around appreciating each art work.