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Who We Are

Name: AADI – Action for Ability Development and Inclusion. The word ‘aadi’ also means beginning in Sanskrit and represents the constant renewal of the organisation.

Year of birth: 1978.

Location: We are situated in New Delhi, India. The rural arm of AADI is headquartered in Dayalpur, Haryana.

Vision: AADI’s Vision is of “a world in which people with disability are an integral part of society, participating in the community and living life to the fullest, with equitable access to opportunities and services.

Our Mission: The focus of our work will be to facilitate enabling environments in the best interest of the child and the adult thus ensuring equitable, accessible, quality assured services using a life span approach. We will be informed and guided by the needs of people with disability who are further marginalized by poverty and gender inequalities.

Through our work we will:

Values and guiding principles of AADI: Our work is guided by the core human values of respect, dignity and the autonomy of persons with disability and their carers. Strengthening capacities of all stakeholders will be central to our work. We will work towards being collaborative, participative, strategic, transparent, equitable, non-discriminative, accessible, and accountable in all that we do. We will follow the norms of safety and quality assured services in our work.

List of Governing Body Members – AADI

S.No. Name of Member Post held in Association Occupation
1 Dr.Achal Bhagat Chairperson, AADI Senior Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospital
2 Ms.Vandana Bedi Vice-Chairperson, AADI Consultant, Disability & Development
3 Mr. Rajesh Kathuria Treasurer, AADI Practicing Chartered Accountant
4 Ms.Syamala Gidugu Secretary, Governing
Board & Executive Director, AADI
Secretary & Executive Director,AADI
5 Dr.Divya Jalan Founder Member & permanent invitee, AADI Consultant, Education
6 Mr. Sunil
Chairperson & permanent invitee, AADI
Chairman and
Managing Director, SPM Capital Advisers Pvt. Ltd.
7 Dr. Mathew Verghese Member, AADI Governing Board Orthopaedic Surgeon, St.Stephens Hospital
8 Mr.Alok Sikka Member, AADI Governing Board Freelance Journalist
9 Mr.Praveen Kumar Gurunath Member, AADI Governing Board Program Manager, VSO
10 Ms.Kamla Bhasin Member, AADI Governing Board Consultant, Gender issues
11 Ms.Veena Kumar Member, AADI Governing Board Volunteer
12 Ms.Anjali Kapoor Bissell Member, AADI Governing Board Hospitals Administrator
13 Mr.Sanjay Dutt Member, AADI Governing Board Equities Broker and Investment Banker/Adviser
14 Mr.Amit Misra Member, AADI Governing Board Management Consultant
15 Mr.Rakesh Thukral Member, AADI Governing Board Private Service
16 Ms.Madhu Grover Deputy Executive Director,AADI & Member, AADI Governing
Deputy Executive Director, AADI
17 Ms.Renu Anuj Singh Director,Rural Services-AADI & Member, AADI Governing Board Director, Rural Services,AADI